Eenarr Sanmoc


Height: 6’1
Hair: Brown and medium length, just at mid eye level.
Eyes: He has none
Race: Miraluka
Build: Slim
Siblings: None
Family: A father and a mother, both deceased.
Relationship: Never had one
Orientation: Gay
Friends: “Reaper” and Boris.
Pets: None
Notable features: Wears a white blindfold over his eyes, has a young face, no scars.
Gear: he wears black concealing robes and under that a full set of black leather clothing, as well as a mask that covers his face.
Special gear: he equipped his mask with the rebreather he bought so whenever he wears his mask he has fresh air.
Strengths: Rage, Discipline, Doesn’t hold back, useful with tools, has been an accomplished Smith and mechanic in the past.
Weaknesses: Rage, not terribly skilled in combat, seems disconnected from the world at times.
Fears: Slave traders, and Cyborgs.


Growing up as a child Eenarr and his family didn’t have much, especially considering since they were jedi in a dark time to be jedi. Between order 66, bounty hunters, and sith it seemed as though they never had a break from hiding. His mother was a seer such as himself and they knew since birth. Seers are sensative to the force detecting every ripple and every wake in it, using it to foresee the future or others. This ability was also heightened for him since he was a miraluka, which was arguably good and bad. It was good because even without training every small ripple meant something to him, however the price it came at was he tires easily in bustling cities where the force can become overwhelming. His family took note of this and his dad, who was a jedi shadow, took the initiative moving them all from Coruscant to Endor. In Endor they lived happily for a while as it was a neutral territory and not many peopled seemed to settle there. However all that changed when Eenarr turned thirteen.

Teenage years
When Enarr turned thirteen his mother couldn’t help but feel proud for him, he had come such a long way as a seer and overcame many things she thought he never could. He had even sat patiently through his fathers long and grueling lessons on mechanics and smithing, learning how to make guns, repair them as well as lightsabers, all kinds of melee weapons and vehicles. He was basically well versed in making, or repairing, anything mechanical. The That’s why for his birthday his present was a broken, but repairable, dual lightsaber. It was hers when she was growing up but it was broken a long time ago for memories she cannot remember. Eenarr was thrilled, he had always wanted his own lightsaber and now he was able to fix one too, it would take time but he would love it. He already was starting to plan on what color blade he would have and how he would modify it. It had been one of his best and yet his worst birthday ever…later that night when Eenarr finally fell asleep he was rudely awoken to the sound of sizzling. His instinct told him to go look, so he did. When he left his room he saw his dad on the floor with a vibroknife stuck in his neck and his mother with her head twisted in ways it shouldnt be. He then saw some of the culprit, it was a bounty hunter but not in mandalorian armor, he was in leather and had multiple vibroknives on his belt as well as a scatter shot pistol. The murder looked at him and grinned, his face was disgusting, he was white with two large scars, on over his right eye and the other across his throat. The rest of his face was covered in a burn mark and he had white colored eyes. It wasn’t long before Eenarr could tell this man was a Cyborg, he had seen his robotic enhancements in his eyes, and his two robotic arms. Eenarr would remember this face for the rest of his life, but he could sense that it wasn’t his time to engage. He hid in his room but he soon smelled fire…the man was trying to burn their house down! Eenarr quickly ran around grabbing what he could, which was his new gift, the lightsaber, a bag of credits, and his mothers black robes. As Eenarr sprinted out of his house he tripped over a root of one of the very large trees. He looked back at his now burning house getting one last look, and all he could do was cry. He slept under the large trees making his way around Endor knowing he would need a way off the planet, but how? Eenarr soon had finally ran into some luck, if you could call it that… The ship he found, he quickly ran up to ignoring the warning signs in the ripples. As he got there he was greeted by a fat human with a large smile and bad smell, but after not seeing anyone in what seemed like forever Eenarr still ignoring the warning ripples approached the man quickly. He told him his situation and how he could give him all of his credits to just get off of this planet. The fat man grinned nodding to the boy luring him in with sweet promises and reassuring words. Eenarr gave him his credits and the man gave him chains. The human turned out to be a slave trader and just received a rare find, a native of Endor and if what the small trader knew was true, inhabitants of these woodland planets were bred strong. Eenarr was taken into his cell and thrown in with a Dathomirian and a Devaronian. Both of which were females, and…well they weren’t wearing much. He knew this was not good, he had to get out but the chains were too strong to be broken by hand. He sat next to the devaronian and sighed, he was now going to be a slave. He learned that the devaronian was not much older than him being only 18 and the Dathomirian was 25, at least in human years, which he understood better. Things happened on that ship that he never talks about, horrible things that leave him scarred…Eenarr eventually went off into a coner and used his foresee powers secretly to see if he would ever get out of here and luckily it worked. He could sense that today was going to be his best day to do it if he waited by his cell door so he took the devaronian and Dathomirian with him, they asked him how he knew and he told them it was in his gut. The Dathomirian, being skeptical stayed behind but the devaronian went. Sure enough a guard waited by their door to the cell facing the other way and being as careful as he could, he picked the keys as well as a vibroknife to cut the chains…and succeded. When the guard left he unlocked the cage and started sneaking around with the Devaronian till they found an escape pod on the ship. Quickly getting in and using it to launch them to the nearest planet. In short, it was a long ride and a close space, making Eenarr uncomfortable and the Devaronian giggly. When they finally landed for what seemed like years later, they had discovered they were on Coruscant. Splitting there ways she went on to do better things and Eenarr looked for somewhere to live. With only his black robes and lightsaber that he had to keep hidden at all costs he was an outcast…an outcast with no money. Finding his home in the poor district he made his money off begging and passing off as blind, or doing things he wasn’t proud of until he was twenty. He then knew there was more to life than this….

Adult life
Eenarr wanted to find his familys killer, being fueled by his rage. He went to bar to bar looking for that bounty hunter but to no luck. That was until he came across the rusty canteen, a bar for some of the worst of the worst, and everyone knew it. He walked in immediatly being eyed up and down, he had updated his moms robes to be black robes and under that he wore dark black leather and a black mask that covered his whole face since he couldnt see anyway. He made his way over to the one he had thought to be “Reaper” which he was told about at the last bar he was at. He was supposed to be an excellent tracker and bounty hunter. Sitting across from “Reaper” he asked for a favor, to find the one who killed his family, and bring him back to him, alive. He promised he would pay him in full, and “Reaper” who turned out to be named Shepard told him to buy a ship, giving him 70,000 credits to buy one. With that he left going to look for one soon finding a Freighter to use being the best his money could buy. He then returned to Shepard and found out they had a new member, who he could sense was a Jedi, Boris. He could tell this would be the start of something great.

Eenarr Sanmoc

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