Shepard Barad

Call Sign "Reaper" 6'00ft, Muscular, Buzz cut, Left Eye Dark Red, Right Eye Dark Blue, 30 Years old


Scar On My Left Eye From A Blade Three Deep Scratches Going Down My Back From A Wilde Beast


I was born on Mandalore my father took me to war at the age of 8 like all fathers do on Mandalore the war did not go in are favor we had to flee Mandalore to a small town on Tatooine called Mos etun. sadly my parents died of a sickness leavening me to fend for my self roaming the streets of Mos eisley I started to pick pocket I was caught by some guards but I out ran them the man I picket from was a bounty hunter named Faraam Alva he liked how I was a quick thinker and can hid in plan sight so he took me in and trained me as a bounty hunter that’s how I got acquainted with the Hutt’s. As I got older I lost contact with my trainer I didn’t much care for I was of age to find and successfully do a bounty hunters job. Roaming Tatooine I found myself back at Mos etun were I walked into a bar were my father use to come to find jobs this place was called “The Rusty Canteen” and would be come my home. From then on I acquired many jobs some smuggling some assassinating begging a body guard kidnaping the whole nine yards but I’ve also received unique jobs to that involved hunting down small time Jedi’s and Sith I wasn’t like other bounty hunters doing it for the empire no I needed the money and I was young and a job was a job so I had to do what any bounty hunter did push all emotions down and pull the trigger no matter how young they were its not right killing a child on there 5th birthday but its what you do its what a bounty hunter does and from my actions I earned huge respect in the hunting business and gaining some enemy’s to. From then I received a job from Paggra The Hutt my old trainers Hutt contact. He wanted me to go and kill a Diplomat I accepted the job and went to go set up for the kill when the Diplomat arrived so did the guards. 5 guards busted down the door I was set up I quickly took the shot but missed and only managed to hit her arm I Barley escaped the guards returning to “The Rusty Canteen” I waited for a few weeks so that the heat would die down but then one afternoon two men came in looking for me they walked over to my table in the back and didn’t say a word we all just looked at each other I could tell by the symbols on there arms that they were employers of Paggra The Hutt and were here to kill me so with out hesitation I quickly blasted them both in the chest before they could turn off the safety on there blasters I then began to search there body’s I found a folded up paper with my name on it and face sketch and above it all in bold words “DEAD OR ALIVE” there I found that Paggra put a bounty on my head. I destroyed all evidence of my existence and stashed my Mandalorian armor were only I know were to find it. from then on I went under the call sign “Reaper” and have been in hiding ever since. while in hiding I was visited by a Jedi named Eenarr Sanmoc who wanted help finding his parents killers after bartering I accepted the job and told him to contact me when he finds a ship by then a few weeks have passed and a young lade by the name of Boris Braga comes walking up to my table and sits down not knowing that this table is mine and mine alone and that many men have died by just walking up to this table the room fell with anticipation wondering if I was going to blast him like I do to all uninvited guests of this table but there was something about him that I like breaking the silence I told him how he had balls and that I liked him the room then let out one big mental sigh and went back to there daily routine after a few drinks he asked if there was any bounty jobs to do I told him about the job I just accepted and how I could use the extra hand he accepted and from then Eenarr, Boris and I were off to adventure and avenging loved ones

Shepard Barad

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